Student Fee Policy

Policy Statement

Anatomy Academy sets student tuition fees for students eligible to study its Award Courses, Non-Award units and Professional Development (PD or CPD) units and courses.

Aims and Objectives
This policy relates to student tuition fees and identifies the requirements and arrangements for:

- Anatomy Academy to administer these fees
- Students to pay these fees
- Anatomy Academy to issue refunds

This policy applies to both commencing and continuing fee-paying students.

Student fees are calculated based on students’ enrolment in a program or unit or units of study (Bundles). Anatomy Academy is committed to assisting and guiding students in understanding their tuition fees and payment options. In addition to this policy, additional information will be made available and accessible where appropriate and as requested.

Tuition Fees: 
Unless otherwise stated, fees may include:

  • Access to online study materials for a period of 1 year
  • workshops as appropriate
  • web forums as appropriate
  • face-to-face teaching as appropriate (in a COVID safe manner)
  • tutorials (face-to-face or online)
  • assessments
  • reading or library resources

Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions we are not currently offering any face-to-face sessions, all sessions are being conducted via online channels. 

Upon enrolment students will receive an order confirmation outlining their tuition fees paid. Acknowledgement of the Terms of Service and Student Fee Policy is a condition of enrolment. It is the student’s personal responsibility to check the information in the order confirmation and notify the Anatomy Academy team of any errors or omissions.

Fees are payable prior to the start any course, module or tutorial. There is no census date, however if you do not wish to continue with course, module, exam or tutorial you must contact Anatomy Academy within 5 days of your payment and enrolment.

Anatomy Academy (Anatomy by Dissection Pty Ltd) reserves the right to vary arrangements, courses and units at any time without notice and at its discretion. Varied arrangements, courses and units will aim to keep disruption to students to a minimum. Students should contact Anatomy Academy or view our website for up-to-date information.

Anatomy Academy reviews tuition fees on an regular basis for all fee paying courses and may increase these fees over the period of enrolment.

Issue and Payment of Invoices
With content online we ask all students and candidates to enrol online and make an online payment at the time. It is remains the responsibility of the student to ensure that fees are paid.

In the case of third party invoicing, such as an employer paying a staff member’s tuition fees, the student is required to provide a guarantee of payment from the third party on a unit or course basis and liaise with the third party as required to ensure timely payment of fees.

Unpaid fee
Anatomy Academy will not grant extensions to students for the payment of fees (except in extenuating circumstances). In the event of failure to pay, students with outstanding fees who have received notification of the amount(s) owing may be liable to sanctions for non-payment of fees. Outstanding fees owing may be referred to a debt collection agency for recovery action. Students will be liable for any recovery costs incurred, including any late payment fees prescribed by the debt collection agency.

If a student enrols and has paid for the course by credit card, and a chargeback of the credit card used has been actioned, we will remove the student from the course, module or tutorial. We will also deam the student as breaching our student conduct policy.

Sanctions for Non-payment of Fees
Anatomy Academy reserves the right to apply sanctions to students with debts to Anatomy Academy which may include any or all the following: 

  •  results will not be issued 
  • academic documents or records will not be provided 
  • enrolment in the course may be cancelled in cases where a student either fails to pay fees or to meet the conditions of a payment plan, and is also enrolled in units in a subsequent courses/workshops/training. Anatomy Academy reserves the right to withdraw the student from those units.
  • access to Anatomy Academy facilities and services including resources/library and information technology resources will be withheld.
  • Withdrawal from a unit or course – General provisions

Notification of a student’s intention to withdraw either before or after the commencement of a unit/course must be made in accordance with the Anatomy Academy Policy.

Full Refund:

  • Have not stated more than 2 short video lectures
  • Have not downloaded additional reading material apart what matches the 2 short videos
  • Have contacted Anatomy Academy within 5 days of enrolment and payment

70% Refund:

  • Have not stated more than 8 short video lectures
  • Have contacted Anatomy Academy within 10 days of enrolment and payment

No refund will be given for withdrawals from a courses, modules, or tutorials after 10 day from enrolment and payment unless there are extenuating circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances
Anatomy Academy may, at its absolute discretion, vary the manner in which it applies these student fee liabilities, refunds and adjustment policies in individual cases where a student claims that extenuating circumstances apply. Approval is by the Chief Education Offer, Director. Extenuating circumstances are events or circumstances which are beyond the person’s control, i.e. the person is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for the situation. These events or circumstances must be unusual, uncommon or abnormal. Students will need to prove their claim for extenuating circumstances by providing appropriate independent supporting documentation. Anatomy Academy will not approach doctors, hospitals, police, etc. to obtain documentation on behalf of the student. Anatomy Academy may seek verification from these agencies that a presented certificate was issued to the student.

Roles and Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the student to inform Anatomy Academy in writing of a change in personal and contact details within 7 days of such change. If this written advice is not received, Anatomy Academy will not accept responsibility for correspondence that does not reach the recipient.

It is always the responsibility of the student to act in a professional manner, and show all patients, staff, visitor other students and contractors of Anatomy Academy (Anatomy by Dissection Pty Ltd) due respect. Anatomy Academy has a Zero Tolerance in this regard.

It is always the responsibility of the student to act in a respectful and reverent manner when working with specimens. Anatomy Academy has a Zero Tolerance in this regard.

It is the responsibility of the student to act in a COVID safe manner. Anatomy Academy has a Zero Tolerance in this regard.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact us.

This policy supersedes all previous polices.
Effective 1st July 2021