Anatomy Academy & The Environment

Towards Net Zero

For us all to thrive and leave a positive legacy for future generations, we must work together towards building sustainable world.

Your community is our community.
We strive to be a leader in the medical industry and are acutely aware of our responsibility to lead by example, protect the environment and be active supporters of the communities we serve.

We understand that Anatomy Academy practices and those of our clients ultimately affect the resources available to future generations. Therefore, every decision our company and employees make is underpinned by a sustainability mindset. By working with brightest minds, investing in the latest technology, developing innovative resource and systems, talking to our students, patients, partners and clients, we can contribute towards the betterment of our planet.

Our goal is to be a Net Zero business, and accelerate the journey towards carbon neutrality.

Environmental Sustainability in Action
Sustainability is our priority and we aim to be role models in this regard.

The Anatomy Academy team is committed to our Net Zero vision and serve as company ambassadors in the healthcare, dental, and medical fields. Anatomy Academy works in partnership with our suppliers to assess needs and provide the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for each situation.

Net zero means different things to different people and business, but we believe that all businesses need a Net Zero strategy. The priority is to decrease energy consumption and demand as well as exploring carbon options.

We are always looking at ways to reduce waste, especially single use plastic items, and where we cannot reduce the usage, we investigate better disposal options.

Anatomy Academy Sustainability Mission is Three-Fold:

Environmental Management
Anatomy Academy is committed to the responsible environmental management, including disposal of clinical and bio-hazard waste. Additionally, the ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing of materials, including drapes, surgical masks, gowns and nitrile gloves.

Protecting the Environment
Anatomy Academy is committed to protecting the environment as a core element of operating a sustainable business, considering how we use resources now and, in the future, hence we only support businesses that also demonstrate sustainable thinking.

Setting the Standard
Anatomy Academy is dedicated to ethical purchasing and developing waste and environmental management solutions that are forward thinking and set the standard for the medical industry.

Anatomy Academy is a Carbon Neutral / Net Zero business