Surgical Anatomy Course, What's Included:

The course is designed for those looking at entering surgery as a career, and about to sit your anatomy exams. Anatomy is a major area of study and we have designed this course to ensure you know everything from head to toe.

  • 100% Online, Self Passed, with additional readings. (Allow 3-4 hours per week over a 12 week schedule)

  • Each video lecture is in bite size chunks, ideal for our modern busy lifestyle

  • Have access for 1 year to all the online learning materials, video, study notes and more

  • 1 Exit Knowledge Assessment (Exam) is included in your course fee. Additional MCQ questions are at the end of each section taken from previous exams.

Gain Early Access

Save 10%, and take advantage of the discounted pricing until Friday 28th January 2022

Surgical Anatomy Full Body Course

(Due to launch in January 2022)

  • Bonus material

    Additional lectures on harder to study areas of the human anatomy, including dissections.

  • 1 Year Access

    A full year to access all material and additional readings, with 1x exit knowledge assessment (exam) included.

  • Designed for a Modern Lifestyle

    100% Online learning in a self passed environment, including exam questions at the end of each section, to help you on your study pathway