Why Anatomy Academy?

RACS Part 1 & GSSE Focus

Dr Kelly Tse and her team have a passion for human anatomy, and want to pass on this knowledge so you can pass your Part 1, or GSSE exams. With a focus on general surgery and radiology for RACS. Front of mind for us is how to ensure we are developing and training the generation of medical doctors and surgeons. We want to always remember anatomy is the line of science that is concerned with the study of internal body structures. Understanding and studying anatomy allow us to gain greater insight into the complex nature of the human body which in turn allows us to treat our patients faster and with more skill. Here at Anatomy Academy we are focused on the education and teaching of anatomy studies to doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals. Our content and courses are now all online and have been designed in bite size chunks to ensure you the best learning outcomes. All the Anatomy Academy courses are designed for physicians, and clinicians who are already treating patients and those looking to advance their understanding in the specific areas of work. This could be radiology, general surgery, neuro, ophthalmology, dentistry, and even cosmetic medicine for example.
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The Foundations of Anatomy

by Dr Kelly Tse

Human anatomy is the study of the structures of the human body, which is key to the practice of healthcare and medicine. The study of anatomy dates back to the to the Ancient Greeks where the word anatomy is devided from the words "ana," meaning "up," and "tome," meaning "a cutting." Studies of anatomy have traditionally depended on cutting up, or dissection, but now, with advanced imaging technology, 3D printing and teaching techniques it is increasingly possible to see how a body is made up without dissection.
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The study of anatomy is one of the oldest sciences and using both old school techniques and new technology such as high resolution photography, 3D scanning & 3D printing are creating path ways to understanding anatomy in ways that have not been possible before. Our Wolli Creek, Sydney office has state of the art displays and teaching spaces design for medical teaching and workshops. We can even live stream from our dental surgery into the teaching areas when required. For dissection workshops we utlise a number of other labs including University Technology Sydney, University New South Wales, & The Sydney Eye Hospital.
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Due to COVID-19 it has made it impossible for us to conduct lectures face to face, the safety of our families and our patients is at the front of our minds. We have moved all courses and lectures to an online format. More and more content is currently in developement and we hope to have this available soon after the Sydney lockdown is over. Your health and the health of your patients are at the forefront of our minds. Please stay safe, stay home, and if you do need to venture our please always wear a mask and wash your hands.
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